KickMeIn - What is this?

KickMeIn is a visual homepage and bookmark manager


KickMeIn was designed with users in mind to assist users with easily accessing the web. With KickMeIn you can quickly go where you want, simply add your favorite web sites and links to your personal page, and set it as your homepage. Then whenever you open your browser, your favorite web sites are just a click away.

Why use KickMeIn?

  • A personal visual homepage
  • Quickly and easily go where you want
  • Manage your bookmark visually
  • Access from any location and any browser
  • Great for children - let them easily access their favorite websites
  • Its Free!

Getting Started

To get started, follow these simple steps:

  • Register: Click on Register and signup.
  • Add Bookmarks: Back on the main page, click on any of the rectangles, type in a web site address (for example: and click Ok button.
  • Set as Homepage: Click "Set as Homepage" at the top toolbar. This will make show up every time you start your browser.